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Public Information

Civil Service







Avoidance of Conflicts of Interest

Avoidance of Improper Use of Insider Information

Avoidance of Improper Commitments

Avoidance of Improper Compensation


Professional Reputation

Avoidance of Manipulation of Stock Prices

A: Unification

B: Professional & Public Service Standards

C: Awareness

D: Ideas & Experiences

E: Communication

F: Awards


Bylaws of the National Association of Government Communicators


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Name: National Association of Government Communicators

Acronym: NAGC

Description: The principal purpose of the NAGC is to advance communications as an essential professional resource at every level of national, state, and local government.


NAGC Board of Directors

Glen Thomas: President - Supervisor, Communications & Public Relations, Memphis Light, Gas & Water

John S. Verrico: President-Elect - Spokesman, Science & Technology Directorate, Department of Homeland Security

Kathryn Stokes: Treasurer - Strategic Affairs Officer, Mississippi Department of Employment Security

Jennifer Lohr: Immediate Past President - National Capital Chapter, Information & Education Coordinator, Office of Risk Assessment & Cost Benefit Analysis, OCE, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture

Beth Armstrong, MAM, CAE: Executive Director/Secretary - Executive Director, NAGC

Marisa Ellison, MBC: Competitions Director - Customer Relations Manager, Missouri Department of Transportation, Northeast District - Hannibal

Laura Kirkpatrick: Membership and Volunteer Director - Public Information Officer, Monmouth County Department of Public Information

Derrick G. Silas, Sr.: Communications Director - Web Communications Manager, City of Enid

Stacy Johnston: Marketing Director - Public Relations Specalist, New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions, Office of Communications and Marketing

Liz Hamm: Professional Development Director - Public Information Officer, Bernalillo County Government

Wendy C. Wagner-Smith: Education Director - Senior Writer/Editor, Federal Housing Finance Agency, Office of Congressional Affairs & Communications

NAGC Staff

Elizabeth B. Armstrong, MAM, CAE: Executive Director and Secretary - As NAGC Executive Director and Secretary on the NAGC Board of Directors, Ms. Armstrong oversees day-to-day management, supervises staff support, and manages governance issues. She is President of Association and Society Management International, Inc. (ASMI), the firm that serves IAEM.

Dawn Shiley-Danzeisen: Communications Manager - Ms. Shiley-Danzeisen is NAGC's Communications Manager and staff liaison for public relations and publications.

Michelle Savoie: Program Manager - Ms.Savoie is NAGC's Program Manager and staff liaison for the NAGC Communications School and other events. She also is staff liaison for the Blue Pencil & Gold Screen Awards Competition.

Karen Thompson: Website Content Manager - Ms. Thompson is Content Manager of the NAGC website and works on special projects as needed.

Kristina Wise: Exhibit/Sponsor Coordinator - Ms. Wise coordinates exhibit booth sales and sponsorships for the NAGC Communications School.

Mary Ackleson: Meetings Registrar, Member Services - Ms. Ackleson is Meetings Registrar for the NAGC Communications School and assists with member services as needed.

Hui-Ling Liang: Finance Manager - Ms. Liang is NAGC's Accounting and Finance Manager.

Barbara Tyeryar: Financial Assistant - Ms.Tyeryar assists with matters related to NAGC's Accounting and Finance.

Debbie Vincent: Member Services Coordinator - Ms. Vincent is NAGC's Member Services Coordinator, manages the membership database, and processes membership dues and registration fees.



The NAGC is dedicated to providing opportunities for individual professional advancement, enhancing effective communications with constituents, and advancing the profession.


Ethics: NAGC Code of Ethics. Members of the NAGC are dedicated to the goals of better communication, understanding, and cooperation among all people. We believe that truth is sacred; that providing public information is an essential civil service; and that each citizen has a right to equal, full, understandable, and timely facts about his or her government. Members agree with the following principles of behavior:





Public Information

Civil Service

Professionalism: Members will: Conduct themselves professionally, providing truth, accuracy, fairness, responsibility, and accountability to the public.

Stewardship: Members will: Conduct themselves in accordance with the public interest, recognizing that each member is a steward of the public's trust.

Integrity: Members will: Convey the truth to their own agencies' management, engaging in no practice that could corrupt the integrity of channels of communication or the processes of government.

Action: Members will: Act promptly to correct false or misleading information or rumors and do not intentionally communicate false or misleading information.

Transparency: Members will: Identify publicly the names and titles of individuals involved in making policy decisions, the details of the decision-making processes, and how interested citizens can participate.


Avoidance of Conflicts of Interest: Members will: Represent no conflicting or competing interests and comply fully with all statutes, executive orders, and regulations pertaining to personal disclosure of such interests.

Avoidance of Improper Use of Insider Information: Members will: Avoid the possibility of any improper use of information by an "insider" or third party and never use inside information for personal gain.

Avoidance of Improper Commitments: Members will: Guarantee or promise the achievement of no specified result that is beyond the member's direct control.

Avoidance of Improper Compensation: Members will: Accept no fees, commissions, gifts, promises of future consideration, or any other material or intangible valuable that is, or could be perceived to be, connected with public service employment or activities.

Confidences: Members will: Safeguard the confidence of both present and former employees, and of information acquired in meetings and documents, as required by law, regulation, and judgment.

Professional Reputation: Members will: Protect the professional reputation or practice of another person, private organization, or government agency from wrongful injury. Protect the professional reputation or practice of another person, private organization, or government agency from wrongful injury.

Avoidance of Manipulation of Stock Prices: Members will: Participate in no activity that could manipulate the price of a company's securities.

Goal A: Unification

Unite persons engaged in creating and disseminating government-related information.


Government Communicators



Goal B: Professional & Public Service Standards

Establish and promote high standards of individual professionalism and public service.



Goal C: Awareness

Develop -- among government leaders and managers, business, professional, academic, and other groups -- public awareness and understanding of the potentials, purposes, and functions of professional communicators in fulfilling the public's right and need to be informed about government activities at every level.


Government Leaders

Government Managers

Business Groups

Professional Groups

Academic Groups


Other Information:

Basic to this concept is support of the professional communicator as an integral part of the decision-making process at all levels of government.


Goal D: Ideas & Experiences

Establish, promote, and sponsor opportunities for exchanging ideas and experiences through public meetings, exhibitions, conferences, workshops, and formal courses of instruction.



Goal E: Communication

Improve communication within government, and between government and the public.


The Public



Goal F: Awards

Sponsor achievement awards to recognize professionalism among government communicators and to further the public's knowledge of government.


Government Communicators


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