StratML & ECCMA eOTD Element Definitions

Element Matched with eotd Definition Standard / Reference ID
Acronym yes An abbreviation of a proper name, usually composed of the first letters of each word in the name. StratML
    An abbreviated form of a term made up of letters from the full form of a multiword term strung together into a sequence pronounced only syllabically. NOTE 1 An acronym can be so widely accepted that it becomes a term in its own right (e.g., radar in the following example).
NOTE 2 For definition of related term, see ISO 1087:1990, EXAMPLE radar = radio detecting and ranging
ISO / A. 0161-1#00-000256#1
Date   The day, month, and year a strategic plan was issued. StratML
  yes The point of time at which a transaction or event takes place. NOTE 1 Types of date can include: origination date ISO / A.10.2.1 0161-1#00-000033#1
    The identification of a day or week in a year. funStep / FS-481 0161-1#01-081401#1
    Definition under development   0161-1#07-061885#1
    Definition under development DoD 4100.39-M Volume 3 / AL46-AAC 0161-1#07-133785#1
    Definition under development DoD 4100.39-M Volume 3 / AE92-AAFR 0161-1#07-133786#1
Description   A sentence or short paragraph defining and explaining a concept. StratML
  yes Saying in words what somebody/ something is like. A series of sentences detailing information about an object or an event.  funStep / FS-509 0161-1#00-013493#1
EmailAddress no The Email address of the person submitting the plan. StratML
EndDate no The year, month, and day the element with which it is associated is projected to cease, if it is not subsequently extended. Typically the end of a calendar or fiscal year. StratML
FirstName no The first name of the person submitting the plan. StratML
Goal no A relatively broad statement of intended results to be achieved over more than one resource allocation and performance measurement cycle. StratML
Identifier   A string of alphanumeric characters by which the information contained within an element is distinguished from other versions of the same information as well as information contained in other instances of the same element. StratML  
  yes A character string identifying an object and distinguishing it from all other objects. Example: PurchaseOrder.Number, SocialSecurity.Number, Telephone.Number. funStep / FS-840 0161-1#00-013611#1
IdentifierType no A complex element composed of an Identifier element and perhaps also Name and Description elements. StratML TBD
InputType no A resource to be processed to produce an output. StratML TBD
LastName no The last name of the person submitting the plan. StratML
Metric yes Definition under development   0161-1#07-046342#1
    Definition under development DoD 4100.39-M Volume 3 / AH06-CN 0161-1#07-163485#1
    Definition under development DoD 4100.39-M Volume 3 / AH09-FJ 0161-1#07-163486#1
    Definition under development DoD 4100.39-M Volume 3 / AG11-AP 0161-1#07-163484#1
    Definition under development DoD 4100.39-M Volume 3 / AM14-AC 0161-1#07-163487#1
Mission   A brief description of the basic purpose of the organization. StratML
  yes Definition under development DoD 4100.39-M Volume 3 / AL42-BH 0161-1#07-164357#1
Name   A word or short phrase intended to identify a concept within the context in which it is being applied. StratML
  yes A word of phrase that constitutes the distinctive designation of a person, place, thing or concept. funStep / FS-1098 0161-1#00-013701#1
    A specific word or phrase that distinguishes and / or identifies the item / equipment. SICSC / SICSC-10601 0161-1#02-060359#1
NumberOfUnits no A numeric value (number) associated with a type of measurement. StratML TBD
NumberType no An integer or decimal number. StratML TBD
Objective   A target level of results against which achievement is to be measured within a single resource allocation and performance execution cycle. StratML
  yes n, the first part of a performance statement, consisting of a qualitative statement of the performance to be provided by the built element being addressed in order to satisfy a particular user need ASTM / E 2151 - E06 0161-1#00-006217#1
    Definition under development   0161-1#07-066394#1
    Definition under development DoD 4100.39-M Volume 3 / AK95-ASF 0161-1#07-169665#1
Organization   The legal or logical entity to which the plan or report applies. StratML
  yes A body composed of individual people and/or legal entities, having an orderly structure to fulfil a purpose, especially a business, government department, charity, etc. funStep / FS-1147 0161-1#01-081759#1
OtherInformation no Additional explanation or guidance that is not expressly addressed in other elements of the schema. StratML
OutcomeType no An intended result some of whose required inputs and processes are beyond the control of the planning organization. StratML TBD
OutputType no An intended result whose required inputs and processes are entirely within the control of the planning organization. StratML TBD
PhoneNumber no The phone number of the person submitting the plan. StratML
ProcessType no A set of activities by which inputs are transformed into outputs. StratML TBD
SequenceIndicator no An alphanumeric identifier applied to an element to designate its order in a series. StratML
Source   The Web address (URL) for the authoritative source of this document. StratML
  yes A complete citation of the bibliographic information pertaining to a document or other resource.
NOTE For instance, a standard number would constitute a complete bibliographic citation, or the complete documentation might be included in a term entry. In electronic database management environments, inclusion of each entire bibliographical source in each terminological entry can lead to the presence of redundant data within a collection. EXAMPLE 1 ISO 10241:1992, International Terminology Standards - preparation and layout
EXAMPLE 2 Wüster, Eugen. 1968. The Machine Tool. London: Technical Press.
ISO / A.10.19 0161-1#00-000010#1
Stakeholder   An individual whose interests may be affected by or whose action may be required in order to achieve a goal or objective. StratML
  yes n, a person, party, or private or public agency or organization that is interested in one or more aspects of how ITS-generated data is collected, archived, analyzed, or retrieved from an existing or proposed ADMS ASTM / E 867 - E17 0161-1#01-079709#1
StakeholderType no A complex element containing other elements enabling the naming, description, and categorization of different kinds of individuals and groups whose interests may be affected by or whose actions may be required in order to achieve goals and objectives. StratML TBD
StartDate no The year, month and day the element with which it is associated is scheduled to begin. StratML
Submitter no
The person submitting the plan.
UnitOfMeasurement no The type of measurement. StratML TBD
UnitType no The scale by which measurements are divided into increments. StratML TBD
Value   A principle that is important and helps to define the essential character of the organization. StratML
  yes Definition under development SICSC / AR158 0161-1#02-062744#1
ValueChain no A series of quantifiable inputs, processes, and outputs leading to an outcome. StratML TBD
A concise and inspirational statement implicitly relating an organization's purpose to its values, thus motivating its actions toward a future state it strives to achieve.
  yes n, the sense of sight ASTM / E 253 - E18 0161-1#02-058749#1