Here are some screen shots showing Ictect’s forms-based StratML plug-in for Microsoft Word as of February 12, 2019.





If we want to see the structure of the document, we can hit the “Structure” button on the Word ribbon.



Now to add more information to the document, there is one button “Prepare” on the Word ribbon, when we click on it we find the “StratML Control Panel” user interface on the left side of the Word document.




When we click on “Goal” link, we will find the “Objectives” attached to the Goal (as shown below)



Similarly, when we click on “Objective” we will find “Performance Indicator” attached to the Objective.




We can add another “Performance Indicator” by clicking on “Add Performance Indicator” button, see screenshot below.



After clicking on the button Performance Indicator 2 added to the document and structure tree on the right updated automatically.


We can remove any Performance Indicator by hitting the “Remove” button next to it.




After hitting the button, Performance Indicator removed from the document as well as from the structure tree on the right.